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What do prosecutors think of Richard Jensen's skill as a criminal lawyer?
Here's what one prosecutor wrote to Richard recently after a felony jury trial:

"I also wanted to let you know that I was impressed  with your preparation. You were without a doubt the most prepared lawyer I have ever dealt with in a courtroom. I always try  to learn from other lawyers and I noticed that your case law guided your case and defense better than  I have ever seen.
"I also admired the way you anticipated all the issues in the case and was ready to support your  side immediately. This case was like "trench  warfare" and every inch of ground was earned. The  way I see it, this case was like a prize fight that it is hard to tell who won, because at the end, everybody ended up in the hospital.
"In many ways,  that is how trial work should be.
"So, my hat is off to you!
 "Well Done, Sir!"
What do judges think of Richard Jensen's skill as a criminal lawyer?
Here's a text a judge sent to Richard during a murder trial:
"I'm enjoying the good lawyering, and I respect you... Your voir dire was excellent.
"I have the utmost respect for you. What a tough case you tried all week, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you in action."
What do jurors think of Richard Jensen's skill as a criminal lawyer? 
Here is what jurors who voted not guilty in a murder trial wrote to Richard:
"You are an exceptional lawyer. Your words and cross examination of witnesses were spot on. We all should be so lucky to have a person as thorough and driven as you are with your client. The pleasure was all ours being able to watch experts such as you... work for the people of our communities." - JKU
"It was a very difficult case to hear.. I was honestly able to make a fair and honest decision based solely on the evidence and testimony... It was my first time in a courtroom and I became enthralled with every aspect.. to watch you and your team present your case was very interesting to witness." - BH
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Capital Murder - Murder - Manslaughter - Criminally negligent homicide - Assault - Menacing - Reckless endangerment - Criminal coercion - Street gang membership - Cross or American flag burning  - Kidnapping - Unlawful imprisonment - Kidnapping - Interference with custody - Prostitution -Pornography - Gambling - Rape - Sodomy - Sexual misconduct - Sexual torture - Sexual abuse - Incest - Indecent exposure - Bestiality - Bigamy - Enticing child to enter vehicle, house, etc., for immoral purposes - Sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old -  Foster parent engaging in a sex act, etc., with a foster child - Sexual Offenses by School Employees Involving a Student - Stalking - Aggravated stalking - Soliciting a child by computer - Transmitting obscene material to a child by computer - Facilitating solicitation of unlawful sexual conduct with a child - Electronic solicitation of a child - Facilitating the on-line solicitation of a child - Traveling to meet a child for an unlawful sex act - Facilitating the travel of a child for an unlawful sex act - Domestic violence - Human Trafficking -  Elder abuse -  Criminal trespass - Burglary - Criminal mischief - Arson -  Criminal possession of explosives - Looting - Forgery - Fraud - Home Repair Fraud - Escape - Resisting Arrest - Perjury - Terrorism
Richard is licensed in the following courts:
State of Alabama - all trial and appellate courts
United States District Court, ND Alabama
United States District Court, SD Alabama
11th Circuit Court of Appeals
Supreme Court of the United States
You’ve just been arrested and you’re freaking out. Right? You don’t want to go back to jail. No one does. Imagine yourself winning your case! We can do it!
   I am a lawyer with an over 90% NOT GUILTY record since 2008. I have the highest peer review rating (AV) from Martindale Hubbell and I am recognized by NADC as one of the Top 1% of criminal defense lawyers in the country; by NACDA as a Nation’s Premier Top 10 Lawyer; and by National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 National Trial Lawyer.
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   If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, it’s not a minor thing. You’re facing jail time up to one year and a $6,000.00 fine. Felonies have much higher prison penalties and fines.
   If you were arrested for DUI, I can help you! Most DUI cases I handle don’t even go to trial. Most are dismissed or reduced on a plea bargain. I recently had a .39 blood test (5 times the legal limit!) DUI dismissed on a technicality.
   Do you want to win your DUI case? Call me and let’s talk about how we can win it!
   I have handled over 10,000 misdemeanor cases and over 1,000 felony cases and tried over 50 major jury trials. Judges know when I am in their courtroom that the fight is on and I will not rest until I win for my client. 
    YOU want to avoid a conviction and YOU want to go home when your case is over. The only way you do that is to hire a lawyer who will FIGHT FOR YOU.
   For more than 22 years, I have practiced aggressive criminal defense. Every day. I fight to win for all of my clients. I am dedicated to winning and getting proven results for clients just like you!
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Richard Jensen teaches trial strategy to lawyers worldwide. Here he explains the effect of "closed off" body language to lawyers during a seminar in the United States Virgin Islands.
Richard Jensen often lectures at universities and law schools, teaching law students about the importance of aggressive criminal defense lawyers.
Here are the results of recent cases!
State v. J.N.J Felony Murder. Dismissed.
State v. LE.H. Kidnapping 1st Degree. Not Guilty verdict.
State v. D.R. Capital Murder. Trial pending.
State v. F.D. Capital Murder. Trial pending.
State v. Y.A. Capital Murder. Trial pending.
State v. T.H. Capital Murder. Trial pending.
State v. C.B. Capital Murder. Trial pending.
State v. M.M. Capital Murder. Trial pending.
State v. G.K. Capital Murder Appeal. Death penalty overturned.
State v. C. B. Murder. Not guilty of Murder. Guilty of Manslaughter.
State v. D.W. Murder conviction overturned on appeal.
State v. H.B. Murder, Plea Bargain Minimum Sentence.
State v. J.D. Murder, Plea Bargain Minimum Sentence.
State v. A.J.W. Murder. Rule 32 Appeal.
State v. A.A. Murder, Rule 32 Appeal.
State v. H.B. Murder. Plea bargain to minimum sentence.
State v. J.D. Murder. Plea bargain to minimum sentence.
State v. J.R., Jr. Murder. Plea to misdemeanor assault.
State v. N.C. Attempted murder, 2 counts. Plea to probation.
State v. J.J. Rape 1st Degree. Dismissed.
State v. P.M.M. Sex Abuse 1st. Sentence vacated. Released.
State v. C.W.W. Sex Abuse 1st. Non-SORNA misdemeanor plea.
State v. L.S.F. Sodomy 1st Degree. Dismissed.
State v. M.B.M. Sodomy 1st Degree. Dismissed.
State v. B.E. Sodomy 1st Degree. Reversed on appeal.
State v. G.S. Sodomy, 2nd Degree. Dismissed.
State v. L.A. Sodomy, Rape 1st Degree. Dismissed.
State v. M.D.M. Rape 1st. Convicted. Appealed.
State v. D.C.H. Traveling for Sex; Sex Torture. Plea bargain.
State v. B.E. Sex Abuse 1st. Dismissed.
State v. J.I., Sex Abuse 1st, Sodomy 1st, Not Guilty.
State v. B.F.E. Sex Abuse 1st. Convicted. Appealed.
State v. T.N. Sex Abuse 2nd Degree, Diversion.
State v. R.G.C. Sex Abuse 2nd Degree. Probation.
State v. J.D., Rape 1st Degree, Not Guilty.
State v. M.F. Felony Child Abuse. Case Dismissed.
State v. T.C. Felony Child Abuse. Case Dismissed.
State v. K.G. Aggravated Child Abuse. Dismissed.
State v. F.G. Aggravated Child Abuse. Plea Bargain.
State v. DP. Abuse/Neglect. Dismissed.
State v. M.P. Terrorism Threats. Misdemeanor plea.
State v. R.H. Aggravated Child Abuse. Diverted.
State v. J.K. Sex Offender. Probation reinstated.
State v. R.T. Possession of Child Porn. Diversion.
State v. R.D. Possession of Child Porn. Probation.
State v. P.G. Possession of Child Porn, Dismissed.
State v. J.Z. Possession of Child Porn, Dismissed.
U.S. v. J.Z. Possession of Child Porn, Plea Bargain.
State v. R.W. Pistol w/out Permit. Dismissed.
State v. L.McD. Robbery 1st Degree. Dismissed.
State v. D.C. Robbery 1st Degree. Conviction overturned.
State v. MJ. Assault. Dismissed.
State v. R.B. Assault 2nd with gun. Case Diverted.
State v. N.J.M. 10 counts Domestic Violence. Diverted.
State v. B.C.V. 3 cts Domestic Violence. Diverted.
State v. K.W., Domestic Violence-Assault. Dismissed.
State v. P.M. Protection from Abuse. Dismissed.
State v. JCH., Assault, Resisting Arrest. Dismissed.
State v. T.H. Assault, Resisting Arrest. Dismissed.
State v. A.L. Assault 2nd degree. Dismissed.
State v. K.O’R., Domestic Assault. Not Guilty.
State v. T.R.S. Reckless Endangerment. Dismissed.
State v. A.H., Menacing, Not Guilty.
State v. J.R. Theft of Property 1st. Dismissed.
State v. S.B.D. Theft of Property 2nd. Dismissed.
State v. S.B. Domestic Violence. Diversion.
State v. A.S.C. Possession of Meth. Dismissed.
State v. B.D.T. Trafficking Marijuana. Guilty.
State v. I.C. Possession of Drugs. Diversion.
State v. L.F. Possession of Drugs. Dismissed.
State v. S.H., Drug Possession. Diversion.
State v. D.McD., Forgery. Probation.
State v. D.M. Domestic Violence 3rd. Dismissed.
State v. C.G., Domestic Violence 3rd. Probation
State v. A.M., Harassment. Case Dismissed
State v. M.H., Receiving Stolen Prop. 1st. Dismissed.
State v. L.W., Theft of Rental Car. Dismissed.
State v. A.B., Disorderly Conduct. Dismissed.
State v. S.L., Theft of Property 1st, Dismissed.
State v. J.D., Theft of Property, 2nd. Dismissed.
State v. F.S. Theft of Property, 1st. Dismissed.
State v. KF. Robbery 1st. Guilty verdict. Appealed.
State v. K.C. Burglary. Plea Bargain.
State v. J.P., Forgery. Case Dismissed.
State v. S.A. Poss. Marijuana. Dismissed.
State v. M.I. Possession of Drugs. Diversion.
State v. WC. Distribution of Drugs. Dismissed.
State v. J.B. Trafficking. Pled to misdemeanor probation.
State v. T.A.T. Trafficking. Minimum sentence.
State v. V.S. 0.39% BAC DUI. Case Dismissed
Athens v. J.G. 0.16% BAC DUI. Case Dismissed
State v. T.R.S. DUI.  Case Dismissed.
State v. J.M. DUI. Case Dismissed.
State v. D.G., DUI. Case Dismissed.
State v. M.A.L., DUI/ Poss. Marijuana. Dismissed.
State v. J.A., DUI. Case Dismissed.
State v. S.R. DUI. Diversion.
State v. D.B. DUI. Diversion.
State v. R.P., DUI. Dismissed.
State v. C.D., DUI. Diversion.
City of Huntsville v. A.S. Theft 3rd. Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. S.T. DUI, Case Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. C.B. DUI, Case Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. J.H. Disorderly, Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. KT. Theft 3rd. Dismissed.
City of Huntsville v. D.W. Poss. Marijuana. Diversion.
City of Ardmore vs. SFL. DUI. Dismissed.
City of Athens v. DJ. DUI. Case Dismissed.
City of Athens v. K.C. Probation Reinstated.
City of Ardmore v. ST. DUI. Case Dismissed.
City of Scottsboro v. CE. DUI. Diversion.
City of Madison v. A.S. Poss. Marijuana, Dismissed.
City of Madison v. P.V. Domestic Violence. Not guilty.
City of N. Courtland v. KD. Poss. Marijuana, Dismissed
City of N. Courtland v. A.T. Poss. Marijuana, Dismissed.
City of New Hope v. J.R. DUI. Probation.
Spanish Fort v. J.H. Theft. Dismissed.

Richard Jensen is in criminal court in Alabama every single day fighting for justice for his clients, whether they're charged with murder, rape or any other felony or misdemeanor offense.

Required by Alabama law: These recoveries and testimonials are not an indication of future results. Every case is different, and regardless of what friends, family, or other individuals may say about what a case is worth, each case must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances as they apply to the law. The  valuation of a case depends on the facts, the injuries, the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimony, among other factors.  Furthermore,no representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the services of other lawyers.