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Giuliani antics lead to Shakespearean downfall

Perhaps the most fascinating element of the epic scandals involving United States President Donald Trump is the Shakespearean fall of Rudy Giuliani. Once a highly respected prosecutor and successful mayor of New York City, the nation's largest metropolis, Giuliani was even a presidential candidate in 2008. All of that respect and good will is crashing and burning as a result of Giuliani's antics in defense of the president. The media keeps referring to Giuliani as Trump's "lawyer," when in fact it is apparent that Giuliani is acting as a public relations foil and, in doing so, making himself into a laughing stock. One of the most intriguing points in this operatic idiocy is the fact the Giuliani rarely speaks to Trump and, even more interestingly, doesn't see him personally for weeks at a time. This is not, therefore, an attorney-client relationship. Why? Lawyers with high profile clients often have to speak to them often. Sometimes it's twice or three times a week, and often it is a daily thing. Lawyers silence their clients, who have the right to shut up and not make their cases worse. That Giuliani never speaks to his "client" is proof there is no coordinated strategy. The reality is Giuliani is free-lancing his public relations spin. He bobs and weaves, trying to find a PR advantage in each of the daily body blows which Trump usually inflicts upon himself with his verbal diarrhea and his tweets. It's Rudy's job to deflect Trump's self inflicted wounds and Giuliani does this embarrassing hokey pokey and turns himself around because that's what it's all about. Spinning bullshit. Ironically, Giuliani is often so off message that even Trump is left shaking his orange-coifed head. What is maddening for serious lawyers is the general public, having no idea that Giuliani is not acting as a lawyer, assumes that this is what lawyers do. It's not even close. Lawyers do not try their cases in the court of public opinion. In fact, there are rules prohibiting this which Giuliani is ignoring. Further, Giuliani makes a mockery of lawyers with his antics. He is the most public example -- with the exception of media hogs Gloria Allred and Michael Avenati -- of the bloviating publicity hungry mouthpiece. Lawyers are serious stewards of the law and of their clients' interests, and work diligently to win serious legal cases in courts of law where everything that is said and done is preserved for generations in written records. What matters in the law is the truth, and the truth is found through an aggressive adversarial system in which only the truth is permitted into evidence and hucksterism is met with contempt of court citations and jail time. Giuliani is swan-diving gleefully into the cesspool of history filled with such nuts as Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the mouthpiece for Saddam Hussein who kept proclaiming victory even as the U.S. coalition stormed into Baghdad and won the Gulf War. And let's remember how that ended up for Saddam Hussein.... (Required by Alabama law: No representation is made that the quality of legal services is greater than other lawyers.)

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