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Georgia cops busted ridin' dirty during Spring Break in Alabama

Gulf Shores, AL - Two Georgia cops visiting Alabama's redneck riviera were busted by local cops for misdemeanor possession of marijuana last Saturday.

In a bizarre case, Lieutenant Marcus Conrad Richards and Chief Deputy Marcus Green were ridin' dirty in an unmarked police pickup truck and allegedly smoking weed.

It was just after midnight when they pulled over into the parking lot at the Crystal Towers Condos at 1010 West Beach Bouleavard so one of them could urinate in public, witnesses called the police and complained.

Greene, 44, and Richards, 27, were stopped by Gulf Shores police officers who found a 12 gram joint of partially smoked marijuana in the truck in plain view. The 2017 Ford F-150 belonged to the Taliaferro County (Georgia) Sheriff's Department.

Richards is the son of Taliaferro County Sheriff Marc Richards. He and Greene have both resigned from the sheriff's office. A new chief deputy has been appointed.

Sergeant Jason Woodruff with the Gulf Shores Police Department says the two men were arrested April 7 and charged with second-degree marijuana possession and released the following morning on bail.

This isn't Richards first arrest to a substance abuse crime. Back in 2015, while with the Greene County Sheriff's Office, he was arrested for DUI. He subsequently was hired by his father.

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