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White would-be cop killer arrested in Louisiana without injury - a start contrast to Stephon Clark&#

EVANGELINE PARISH, LA -- A white, armed would-be cop killer was arrested without injury in Louisiana last Wednesday, prompting comparisons to the cop-murder of unarmed Stephon Clark in California.

Zachery Shane Deville, 24, slashed Turkey Creek Police Chief Robert Leggett across the face with a sharp knife when Legget attempted to arrest Deville for a misdemeanor trespassing charge.

Devine resisted and a brawl ensued. Devine stabbed Leggett in the left side of his face. Other officers arrived and arrested Devine without injuring him.

Leggett was transported to a hospital in Alexandria, Louisiana, where he underwent emergency surgery and is now in Intensive Care.

Deville is being held without bond on charges of attempted first-degree murder and criminal trespassing.

One can not help but compare the police treatment of Deville, a white would-be cop killer, to the murder of Stephon Clark, the black Sacramento teenager, who was shot seven times in the back by cops while standing in his grandmother's back yard talking on a cell phone.

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