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Attorneys acquitted of wrongdoing in Blount County obstruction case.

ONEONTA, AL -- Blount County Circuit Judge Steven D. King knocked the legs out of the prosecution's obstruction case against two lawyers Thursday when he entered a judgment of acquittal. A judgment of acquittal means the prosecution did not prove their case, and it means the case is over and the attorneys did not break the law.

Blount County sheriff's deputies had arrested and accused attorneys Victor Revill and Megan Garcia of obstructing governmental operations for merely representing their clients.

Revill and Garcia were arrested by Blount County Sheriff's deputies Feb. 23, 2017, on the steps of the courthouse while officers were executing what they claimed was a search warrant of the client's body.

"These attorneys were charged with obstructing governmental operations and refusal to permit inspection for doing nothing more than refusing to consent to a warrantless search," said attorney Clayton Tartt, who represented Revill during the case.

"Neither Megan or Victor did anything to prevent anyone from obtaining anything. They merely said no," Stan Glasscox, who represented Garcia, said.

Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey was angry at Judge King's ruling and said she would appeal. She then incorrectly stated the law, claiming a judgment of acquittal is "not a not guilty." A judgment of acquittal is as final as a not guilty verdict. Casey is known in the Alabama legal community for her tenacity, which often exceeds her objectivity.

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