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Austin bomber blows himself up.

Austin, TX - FedEx on-site surveillance and tracking systems led to the downfall of the alleged Austin serial bomber Tuesday. Police were able to identify and find Mark Anthony Conditt, 24, using modern technology. They identified him on FedEx surveillance video taken at the company's Austin location. Then they obtained his cell phone information and used triangulation to locate his whereabouts.

Conditt's vehicle was located at a hotel in suburban Austin. His car was identified and a stakeout ensued. Using the time-honored police tactic of catching a suspect when he's out in the open, the cops waited out Conditt, who eventually left the hotel and got in his car to drive away. Police closed in and Conditt pulled over on the shoulder of Interstate 35. As the SWAT team moved in, Conditt then detonated a bomb, killing himself. When the bomb detonated, one SWAT officer is said to have fired shots at him.

There are reports Conditt is from Pflugerville, Texas, and was home-schooled before attending Austin Community College's Northridge Campus. He had worked as a computer technician in the Austin area.

Police have not released any information as to Conditt's motives for the bombings.

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