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Cullman lawyer charged with two counts of human trafficking, stalking, prostitution

An Alabama was arrested Saturday on two charges of human trafficking. He had just made bond two weeks before for two charges of aggravated stalking and two counts of promoting prostitution.

Randy Allan Hames, 75, faces all of these charges as a result of claims he has been asking tenants at a trailer park, which he owns, for sex as payment of rent. He has been released on bail.

Two women who lived at Hames Trailer Park told police that when they had trouble paying rent, the overtures began. They claim Hames began requesting sex for rent payments.

Various media have identified the alleged victims are Tomeka Bartlett and Kayla Carreker. Bartlett has no criminal history in Alabama but Carreker was arrested in 2017 for harrassing communications and domestic violence.

Interestingly, Carreker has filed a protection from abuse petition in Cullman County circuit court, the filing of which implies some sort of domestic relationship with Hames.

A Sheriff's Office spokesman said prosecutors decided to move forward with the trafficking charges after reviewing the case and speaking with victims.

Sources close to the case said that to avoid an appearance of impropriety, all Cullman judges have stepped aside and the state office of courts has asked Madison County Circuit Judge Donna Pate to preside over the cases.

These cases will likely take months before any trial is scheduled.

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