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Man found not guilty of digital sexual assault by Leeds jury

LEEDS - England: A man accused of putting his finger in a woman’s anus during consensual sex has been found not guilty. The verdict brought cheers from onlookers in the courtroom.

Scott Howard was cleared of sexual assault by a jury at Leeds Crown Court on Wednesday.

The court heard how the 26-year-old went for a drink at the woman’s home in Huddersfield after talking on Facebook. She alleged that after they began having sex in March last year, he assaulted her while she was on top of him.

During his opening, prosecutor Richard Woolfal said the alleged victim agreed to have consensual sex with Howard.‘In doing that act, he then put his finger up her bottom. It was painful. She told him to stop.’

Woolfall said.that this went on for several minutes until the woman got off the defendant, asking him why he did not stop.

The alleged victim's story was full of inconsistencies and Howard expressly denied even having sex with the woman.

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