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Maysville man uses deadly force with AR-15 to stop minor theft. Two arrested (not the shooter).

MAYSVILLE, Alabama - A 20-year-old Madison County man used deadly force to stop a minor theft of his utility trailer.

Ashton Gallagher, of 119 Eva Court in Maysville, told deputies he saw Derick Deangelo Vaughn, 31, and Robert Dale Bradshaw, 42, trying to hook up to his utility trailer which was parked on the curb. Sheriff's deputies said Gallagher walked outside and apparently started blasting at the two men with a semi-automatic rifle, believed to be an AR-15.

Derrick Vaughn and Robert Bradshaw

Gallagher told deputies he shot out a tire on the truck and also shot Vaughn.

Apparently Gallagher emptied his clip as the two men fled the scene, hitting mailboxes and other items as he fired.

The extent of Vaughn's injuries were not apparent until he collapsed at the jail, bleeding profusely. He was then rushed to Huntsville Hospital.

Both men were charged with Theft of Property 2nd degree, which is a felony but not a crime of violence or force.

Amazingly, Gallagher has not been charged with a crime by either Madison County deputies or the Madison County District Attorney's office. It is unlawful for a person to use deadly force to stop a non-violent offense

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