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Girl, duped in being a heroin mule, attacked, beaten by drug dealers.

SOUTHWARK, England - A teenage girl was kidnapped, beaten and threatened with her life by five gangsters after she lost a £1,000 stash of drugs, according to testimony in court.

Southwark Crown Court heard testimony of how the 18-year-old thought she was going to die in the terrifying five-hour ordeal on June 3 last year.

She agreed to ‘bag up’ cocaine and heroin for south London based gang members at her home in Thornton Heath. She was to exchange the drugs for cash in London. She took the drugs, but lost them after someone she thought was a friend stole the drugs from her.

The girl's parents received a terrifying FaceTime call in which the drug dealers focused the camera on the bleeding girl and demanded money. The parents called the police and the men were apprehended.

The girl was hospitalized and is expected to testify against the drug dealers.

The trial continues today.

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