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Dutch lawyer tied to Trump allies pleads guilty to lying to FBI

A Dutch lawyer based in New York City has pleaded guilty today to lying to FBI agents about his contacts with allies of President Donald Trump.

Alex van der Zwaan, 33, is the son-in-law of billionaire Russian oligarch German Khan, who was named in the Donald Trump dossier from British intelligence that started the Russia probe back in 2017.

Van der Zwaan pleaded guilty on Tuesday to lying to FBI agents when questioned about his contacts with Rick Gates, the second in command on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign for president.

No one is saying if Zwann is cooperating with the FBI probe.

Van der Zwann admitted he lied about the frequency of his contacts with Gates and admitted he tried to delete incriminating emails.

The lawyer had previously worked closely with Gates' mentor Paul Manafort, the indicted former chief of the Trump election campaign, in Manafort's dealings with the pro-Russia Ukrainian government.

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