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After three years of hell, our client is going home from prison.

After three years of hell, my client P.M.M. is going home to his wife, to his home, to fresh air, grass under his feet, fresh food, a warm bed, and life as a free man.

When he was convicted of two sex crimes, his attorneys at the time were inexperienced and the result was P.M.M. involuntarily pleaded guilty to two counts of sex abuse. The result was a lengthy prison sentence.

P.M.M.'s family didn't give up on him, and hired me to overturn his conviction and sentence. For three long years we worked hard to bring P.M.M. justice, and finally, after more than 3 years in prison, P.M.M. is going home.

Many people don't know that when a person pleads guilty to a crime they waive their right to appeal. They do not, however, waive their rights to file an attack on their conviction. In Alabama, we have what is called a Rule 32 petition, which is a petition to void an improper conviction. They are tough to win, and the lawyer has to know how to fight the battle. It's a lengthy, brutal fight, but Rule 32s are winnable.

Ask P.M.M.

He's going home from prison because he hired me and we filed a Rule 32 petition and we won!

Justice was served, an involuntary plea of guilty was vacated, and P.M.M. is going home to his warm house, his loving wife, his own bed, and home-cooked food.

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